15 Best John Ford Movies You Need To Watch | Taste Of Cinema - Movie  Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
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John Ford directed over 150 films in his career. From silent shorts to big screen epic features, Ford laid the foundation for the last century of filmmaking. On Season 2/Director’s Spotlight, I’ll talk about how his fingerprints are all over the films of some of the greatest filmmakers in history, from Orson Welles to Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa to Quentin Tarantino, and many others who have all been inspired by John Ford.

So let’s dig into the career and legacy of not only Hollywood’s most decorated filmmaker but also America’s Greatest Director.


  1. Hey Brendan,

    Just want to make sure I received the right podcast link. This is an intro into season 2 of your podcast? It was less than 5 minutes. Kathy

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